What to expect

Cannas grow from fleshy rhizomes, not bulbs as many people think. Each variety of canna will have a different rhizome shape and size. Some grow as clusters, some as thick fleshy tubers and others in separated groups of nodes.

Our plants are supplied as a generous sized bare root rhizome of the exact plant or plants that you order, with 2 to 6 growth nodes (depending on the variety chosen). We dig cannas during late winter and again in mid summer and while doing so grade out the smaller rhizomes for replanting the following season’s crop. This ensures your order will always have premium sized rhizomes.

Our cannas are packaged slightly damp with plenty of roots in bags. Each bag is labelled with the variety in it. The stem and leaf are cut back, leaving mostly the rhizome with growth nodes and roots. Once planted in moist soil, these nodes begin to shoot leaf and develop stem. For complete growing instructions see our Growing cannas page.